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March 5, 2015

NO, NO! Bad Swatch!! Try Again!

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Swatch Touch Zero from The Gadgets PageSwatch made an announcement a few weeks ago saying that they were going to enter the wearable tech market. THIS is what they are releasing.

New Swatch Touch Zero One combines design & cool new Beach Volley functions for players and fans – Step Counter, Power Hits and Power Claps.

So basically, they are giving us an ugly Fitbit Charge.

I am a HUGE fan of Swatch, as I have said in the past, but they have been WASTING their time. Almost TEN years ago, I lamented about the pathetic choice in digital watches and they are STILL blowing it.

Let’s stack it up to my “I Hate The Watch Designers of the World” List:

A beautiful watch

Nope, it’s ugly. I usually like Swatch design, but just inverting the LCD is something that we Casio owners have been doing since the Eighties. You’re going to have to do a little more than that to make a beautiful watch.

Women’s watch

Nope, it’s too big. I know that’s the “style” right now, but they don’t even give me an OPTION for a smaller size.


Good job! You made one of my criteria!

Metal case and band

Nope. Try again…

Time and Date on the display at the same time

Unknown. With only one preliminary photo, I can’t even tell if the TIME feature is useable.



Countdown Timer




I would also like Dual Time, but I’m willing to give that up


I know it’s not fair to judge this watch on one photo and press release, but come ON! I have been waiting for a smart watch from Swatch for almost TEN years and THIS is what you give me?! I feel like swatting the Swatch Group on the nose with a newspaper!

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