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November 21, 2013

Animal Crossing QR Codes: Black Leather Jacket and a Kilt

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I wanted a cool black leather jacket, but there wasn’t anything in the game. I did find a couple of QR codes from other people, like this cute frilly dress: ANIMAL CROSSING QR CODE BLOG

Cute Frilly Dress Black Leather Jacket Animal Crossing QR Codes

I just wanted a jacket, though. There was a punk rock jacket here that I liked, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for: Punk Rock Leather Jacket – Pinterest

Animal Crossing QR Code Punk Leather Jacket

So I made my own and I really like how it turned out.

Animal Crossing QR Code Black Leather Jacket

A couple of days ago, Gyroid’s lucky clothing item was “women’s bottoms.” So, I had him wear the red kilt that comes in the game and he looked pretty badass.

Black Leather Jacket with Kilt

He reminded me of this photo of Ewan MacGregor in a kilt:

Ewan MacGregor Kilt

Or maybe this photo of Wil Wheaton in a kilt:

Wil Wheaton Kilt Axis of Anarchy

All this spawned a flurry of QR Code-Making. Here is the red kilt I made:

Animal Crossing QR Code Black Leather Jacket and Red Kilt

The blue kilt with a black leather jacket:

Animal Crossing QR Code Black Leather Jacket and Blue Kilt

And the green kilt with the black leather jacket:

Animal Crossing QR Code Black Leather Jacket and Green Kilt

If you notice, the dress designs flare out a bit more at the waist than the kilt design that came in the game, so they don’t look perfect, but I had a bunch of fun making these, so I thought I’d share them with you.

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