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November 23, 2013

Animal Crossing: How To Sell All Your Stuff at Retail

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I love to sell my fruit, gems and fossils on the Flea Market pallets at Retail, because I can sell them to the villagers for almost four times what Reese will pay me for them. Unfortunately, I ran into problems. It was hard to get the villagers to LEAVE once they bought something and getting them to come to Retail was just as hard.

Animal Crossing Sell your stuff at Retail

With a ton of trial and error, however, I’ve found a pretty good way to efficiently sell all of my high ticket items at Retail for four times the usual price. Here’s how I do it…

Update 12-04-13: I added information about bad luck days.

Lucky Items

The first thing you will need is to know what your lucky item of the day is. You can do this by visiting Katrina. If she is in your town or if she has finally built her fortune telling shop, you can pay the 500 Bells and visit her.

Animal Crossing Visit Katrina

Another way to find out your lucky item is with the Lovely Phone.

Animal Crossing Lovely Phone

I received my Lovely Phone at the fireworks display from Redd when he was selling fireworks. Each morning, I can call the fortune telling service on this phone and it will give me some good advice and then tell me what my lucky item is.

Animal Crossing Lovely Phone Lucky Item

Additionally, Katrina sold me a Tingle Hood, which serves as a magical lucky item when I don’t happen to own whatever came up in the lucky item lottery for the day. Unfortunately, I look like a fool when I wear it. It really ruins my ensemble.

Animal Crossing Tingle Hood

If you don’t have your lucky item, this process won’t work, so it’s essential.

Additionally, lucky items help you in many of other ways. They make rare bugs and fish respawn more often. They make the villagers fall in love with you and give you more presents. EVERYTHING is easier if you have your lucky item for the day.

Bad Luck Days

Some days, Katrina or the Lovely Phone will forecast a bad luck day for you. To recognize those days, read this entry: The Gadgets Page – Animal Crossing: Bad Luck Days

Pricing Items

When you place something for sale on the flea market in Retail, it will suggest Reese’s price. I price my items four times that price minus one Bell and the villagers will buy it every time, with one exception. The price cannot be over 9,999 Bells.

Animal Crossing Price your items less than 10000 Bells

Even if four times the price is well over 9,999, the villagers will NOT buy it. They’ll say something like, “That’s an awesome deal, but I just can’t afford it.” Keep your prices under 10,000 Bells and one Bell under four times the Reese price and they will buy it EVERY time.

Fruit is a little more difficult. You need to basket it up before you can sell it for any good money. The local fruit isn’t worth the trouble of selling at the flea market, but the exotic fruits are worth enough to account for the work. Apples, Oranges, Peaches, Pears and Cherries (exempting your local fruit) should be put in baskets of five fruits and sold for 9,999 Bells. Coconuts, Bananas, Mangoes, Durians, Lemons, Lychees, and Persimmons should be in baskets of nine fruits and sold for 8,999 Bells. Bamboo Shoots should be in baskets of three and be sold for 8,999 Bells as well. I’ve actually planted the trees in my town to accommodate these numbers. For example, I have three Durian trees to create nine fruits (one basket of nine) each harvest and five Apple trees to create fifteen fruits (three baskets of five).

How To Get The Villagers To LEAVE Retail

It’s pretty easy to get the first villager into Retail. They usually show up pretty quickly and a little push in the direction of one of my items will get them excited.

Animal Crossing Hugh buying my stuff at Retail

Getting them to leave, however, is a different story. The first thing you need to do is catch something in town: a bug, a fish, pick up a seashell or a flower, etc. I keep a rotten pear by Retail for this purpose. I wait for the ants to come.

Animal Crossing Ants Love Rotten Fruit

Once I catch an ant, I run to Timmy and Tommy to sell it to them.

Animal Crossing Sell your ant to Tommy

You’ll take a hit on the ant (64 Bells Vs. 80 Bells), but it’s worth it, believe me. Run back to town and catch yourself another ant (or fish, pick a flower, seashell, etc.).

Animal Crossing Catch Yourself another ant

When you return to Retail, your previous villager should be gone. Just wait for the next one to arrive. If they take longer than five minutes to show up, then you need to sell another ant to Tommy.

Animal Crossing Wait for the next villager to arrive

Repeat the process until all the villagers who aren’t hiding out in their houses have bought something. Save and Quit to start the process all over again.

Trouble Shooting

Hugh is STILL in Retail! Why didn’t he leave?!

Some animals are browsers and like to stick around even after they’ve bought something. You can do the whole process correctly and they will still stay in Retail. I go back out, catch another ant and sell it to Tommy and that is usually enough to get them to leave.

I have been waiting for the next animal for over five minutes and no one came!

Try catching another ant and selling it to Tommy. If that doesn’t work, Save and Quit to reboot. It might be that you’ve sold as much as you can for now.

How do you get the fruit in those baskets?

When fruit is in your pockets, you can pick one up and put it on another fruit of the same style. For example, pick up an apple and place it on another apple and a basket will appear with the number “2” on it. You can make baskets of up to nine fruits, but for the more expensive ones, you should only sell them in groups of five or three so you can get the most money.

I don’t have a Lovely Phone, a Tingle Hood and Katrina’s not in my town. How can I find out my lucky item?

If you have a friend with a Lovely Phone, you can visit their town and use it. The same is true if you have a friend with Katrina visiting or if she has opened her fortune telling shop. If you have no access to finding out your lucky item, then this process will still work for you, but you’ll have to sell ants to Tommy three or four times for each item. At that point, the game isn’t fun anymore, so you might as well just visit the island and catch some high ticket bugs.

If you would like to visit my town, my Dream Address is 4000-2185-7855.

If you like the denim jacket that my character is wearing, you can get the QR code here: The Gadgets Page – Animal Crossing QR Codes: Denim Jacket and Slingbag

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