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December 4, 2013

Animal Crossing: Bad Luck Days

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There are some days when you can do everything right and still have bad luck. It’s true in Animal Crossing just as much as it is in real life, but in Animal Crossing, the fortune teller can actually warn you about your impending bad luck.

A visit to Katrina, will start out ominous, so you know right away that it’s a bad luck day.

Animal Crossing Bad Luck Days with a visit to Katrina

The Lovely Phone, is more ambiguous, however. It may just say something vaguely unfavorable.

Animal Crossing Bad Luck Days warnings from the Lovely Phone

There is little you can do to turn your luck around. If you have the lucky item, you can make yourself about as lucky as a normal day.

Animal Crossing Lovely Phone Lucky Item

If you have your lucky item AND can also wear your Tingle Hood, then you can have a lucky day despite the “misfortune that is attempting to come down on you.”

Animal Crossing Tingle Hood

Arranging the furniture in your house helps, but it really can’t overcome a bad luck day. In Animal Crossing, as in real life, it might be best to just hide in bed on your bad luck days.

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