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January 17, 2015

WhatsApp Messaging

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WhatsApp Review from The Gadgets PageWhat if you had unlimited messaging, photo messaging and voice messaging and it was all free? Some people don’t have that on their phone plan. Or some people regularly need to talk to people internationally. I actually have an app that provides this for me called WhatsApp.

Here’s a quickie review of it from Cult of Mac. This review is almost a year old, but it’s a good introduction.

I like that it works on wifi, without sucking down my data or minutes. Additionally, there is a way to send voice messages. By holding down the microphone on the right, you can record a message and send it, just like phone messaging. This has been SO helpful to me because there is one person who I need to call and leave a message every day, but her phone is a nightmare. Sometimes the voice mail comes. Sometimes I just get a weird silence and no way to leave a message. I have NEVER had this trouble with WhatsApp.

I have always shied away from apps like this because I HAVE voice messaging on my phone. I HAVE text messaging on my phone. It’s just like iMessageā€¦ except ONE important thingā€¦

Whomever I’m talking to doesn’t have to have an iPhone. This app works on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Symbian AND Windows phones. Whatever your friend has, they can message, voice and photo message with you for FREE.

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