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August 31, 2015

Your Facebook Status Sounds Stupid When You Read It Out Loud

Filed under: Social Media — Laura Moncur @ 9:04 am

One of the more annoying thing about social media are the posts like these ones:

This video reminds me of a Studio C video: Facebook Friends Song

I find when these videos hit a nerve for me, that the problem is ME. I’m spending too much time reading Facebook or Twitter. I’m spending too much time looking at pins on Pinterest. It’s not my friends’ fault that I am bothered by their posts, it’s MY fault for reading too much. Oh yeah, and I’m jealous, too.

Finding things for myself to do that are post-worthy helps both of those problems. When I do things that are worthwhile, I feel less jealous of my friends who are doing awesome things. I also have less time to get sick of the annoying posts because I’m not on social media as much. When you start feeling like this about your friends on Facebook, take a break and do something awesome instead. It sure has helped me.

Via: Facebook Status in Real Life | POPSUGAR Tech

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