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January 30, 2013

Walter Cronkite in the Home of 2001 (1967)

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I LOVE this video showing what a house in 2001 would look like. Here is the living room.

He describes a huge console that would control the entire house, whereas now, our fancy televisions and any home automation that we have can be controlled by a simple app on our cell phone.

Here is the home office, where you don’t go to work, the work comes to you.

These days, you don’t need to print up the newspaper for future reference, you can just store it as a PDF on your hard drive. Even better, our video conferencing can be done on a tiny phone in our pockets.

The kitchen of the future is interesting as well.

I don’t have an automated chef that takes food from the storage and cooks it. I also have to wash dishes, but I don’t think I want that kitchen of the future. I would much rather wash a plate than smell melting plastic every time I eat.

I love to see the retro vision of what the future would be, but in the end, the future turned out to be SO much better!

Via: Paleofuture: 3D-TV, Automated Cooking and Robot Housemaids: Walter Cronkite Tours the Home of 2001

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