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December 1, 2012

The 1936 Los Angeles Electrical Exposition

Filed under: Retro Gadgets — Laura Moncur @ 8:34 am

This photo from Retronaut looked so familiar to me. After years of attending CES, I see women dressed as electrical appliances all the time.

Women Dressed as Appliances 1936 Los Angeles  Electrical Exposition

Usually, I see women dressed as network cables, electrodes or microchips, but these women dressed as washing machines and vacuum cleaners look very similar. Only the costumes have changed.

Why do marketing people do this?

Are they trying to humanize “scary” new technology? Are they trying to sexualize it?

Whatever they’re doing, they’re missing a full HALF of the population by only dressing women up as gadgets instead of using both men and women. Maybe women don’t need technology to be humanized or sexualized to love it. Maybe us girls just love gadgets without all that marketing stuff.

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