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May 28, 2009

So Proud of the New Fridge: A 1950’s UnBoxing

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I love this photo from Darth Bengal.

Two kids and a Hotpoint by Darth Bengal from Flickr

I can just imagine what was said before the photograph was taken.

Dick and Baby Judy, go over and stand by the new refrigerator. I want to get a picture!

Imagine being so proud of your new fridge that you want to take a photo of it. That’s how it used to be. Maybe they had some old ice box from way back when and when that photo was taken, they were FINALLY able to have a REAL fridge.

A few weeks ago, I retweeted a message in Twitter about unboxing photos. I have never really understood unboxing photos. They are just pictures of someone opening the box to their new toy. What’s the fun in that?

The fun in that is GRATITUDE. When people are so excited about their gadget that they take photos of it while they are taking it out of the box, they are GRATEFUL for the toy they just got. It’s the same reason people take pictures of themselves next to their cars.

This HotPoint Refrigerator was a LOVED gadget. So valued that it was included in the family photos. THAT’S gratitude.

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  1. You said it! People don’t appreciate anything anymore, so the box is nothing more than a nuisance, and waste of their time. It’s a country that has become completely self indulged in ourselves, with a “What are you gonna do for me” type attitude. That kind of attitude is what’s going to lead to the fall of this once great nation. Who are we kidding, it already has.

    Comment by onegroovydude — January 28, 2011 @ 7:07 pm

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