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August 12, 2011

Why My iPhone Looks Like Hell

Filed under: PDAs and Phones — Laura Moncur @ 9:15 am

I just had to laugh when I read this comic:

After years of hiding my beautiful iPhone in bulky cases, I finally decided that I was just going to let it be naked.

Of course, then I dropped it..

Now, my iPhone looks like hell and I’m desperate for the iPhone 5 to become a reality. Part of me hates that I damaged my iPhone, but another part of me feels happy that I’ve gotten the absolute full use out of my beloved gadget.

When I get the iPhone 5, will I swath it in bouncy cases and screen protectors? Heck ya! Apple does an amazing job designing their phones for beauty and I feel guilty for covering it up, but I can’t risk another cracked screen. I’ll just have to let the beauty hide beneath.

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