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June 21, 2012

DecalGirl Skins: Second Verse Same As The First

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Decalgirl Skin from The Gadgets PageBack in March 2009, I wrote a review for DecalGirl Skins. You can see it here:

Because I had written a review, I was surprised when DecalGirl contacted me and asked if I wanted some free samples to do another one. I gladly agreed and waited for the skins I had selected to arrive in the mail.

I dug out my old gadgets that were still adorned with DecalGirls skins. My Acer Netbook computer was being stored in a box of outdated gadgets. Here’s a current picture of it:

2009 DecalGirl on my old Acer Netbook

My old Macbook is now being used by Mike’s little sister, but despite the hard service she puts it through, it looks as good today as it did back in 2009. The skins haven’t worn through or started peeling.

2009 DecalGirl on my old Macbook

In fact, the DecalGirl skins have lasted longer than the Acer netbook, which is just an oddity in a box, never used because the Macbook Air is so much better. The only reason I changed skins from the red ones in the 2009 review to the blue ones was because my favorite color changed right about that time.

Speaking of favorite colors, I love that I can search their site based on my favorite color. When I chose my device, I typed the word “blue” into the “Refine Your Search” field and a huge selection of designs came up. In fact, when you’re looking for a design, you might have a hard time choosing because there are so many great ones there. A new addition to their line is the choice between high gloss and matte finish. I absolutely ADORE the matte finish and chose it for all my gadgets.

2012 DecalGirl Skins for iPad, Kindle & iPhone 4

These skins are basically stickers, so they were difficult to apply correctly. They were pretty easy to pull off if I got it wrong, but I needed to pull them off three or four times in order to get them right. Each skin comes with multiple parts: front, back, button stickers, etc. The whole process took about 20 minutes per device, but in the end, I was able to get them applied correctly.

2012 DecalGirl Skins for Kindle & iPhone 4

This process was so difficult that I screwed it up on my iPhone. Not long after installing the skin, my speakerphone stopped working because I had failed to notice the TINY cutout for the speaker. I had to look online to see where the speaker was and only then did I find that ever so tiny dot that I had failed to remove. I have to give DecalGirl credit, though. They did have a cutout for it, I just failed to see it because it was so small.

2012 DecalGirl iPhone speakerphone cutout

Unlike a case, skins offer NO protection if I drop my phone. As you know, I have a history of damaging my phone in a myriad of ways:

After suffering through bulky cases that haven’t really guaranteed that I won’t find a new and interesting way to kill my phone, I decided that I preferred the slim and sleek design of my phone with just a skin on it. If I drop my iPhone (into a cup of coffee or anywhere else), I will have to pay to get it fixed… again. DecalGirl won’t save me.

Just like before, DecalGirl provides a link to download wallpaper that matches up with the skin exactly. They couldn’t give me one for my Kindle, of course, but they sent me one for my iPhone.

2012 DecalGirl  and wallpaper for iPhone 4

They also sent me another one specifically sized for my iPad.

2012 DecalGirl  and wallpaper for iPad

My favorite feature is how well a belt clip button sticks to them. They just fall right off the glass and aluminum of iPhones and iPods, but with a DecalGirl skin on my iPhone, it sticks tight. Mike and I drove all the way from Utah to Arkansas with my phone hanging by this little button. I thought that maybe the button would fall off or maybe if it stuck well, it might pull the skin off, but it stayed on there the entire drive (and ever since).

2012 DecalGirl with belt clip button

In the end, I love DecalGirl skins just as much as I did back in 2009. I’m sure I’ll need to replace my gadgets before they wear off, which is a testament to their durability. When you are ready to make your gadget your own, DecalGirl is the one to choose.

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