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September 10, 2014

FINALLY! The Apple Watch Is The Watch I Have Been Looking For!

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Long, long ago, I vented my frustrations with the watches available to me, right here, on The Gadgets Page. It was EXACTLY NINE years ago and you can read it here:

I had a few requirements for the watch of my dreams:

  • A beautiful watch
  • Women’s watch
  • Digital
  • Metal case and band
  • Time and Date on the display at the same time
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown Timer
  • Light
  • I would also like Dual Time, but I’m willing to give that up

EVERY SINGLE ONE of these is something that the new Apple Watch has. Here in an introductory video about it.

A Beautiful Watch

This was the first thing on my list because I was SO sick of the plastic ugliness that passed for digital watches. It’s NINE years later and I’m still disgusted by them. Despite the differing views on beauty, it’s hilariously simple to see that one of these is supremely more beautiful than the other.

Apple Watch Vs. Casio - A Beautiful Watch

Both watches are displaying the same data: Time, Date and Day of the Week. The Apple Watch looks so much better doing it, though.

A Ladies Watch

This wasn’t as important for me, but somehow, Apple even got that feature right. They are offering the Apple Watch in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm. I can choose the smaller watch, get the same functionality and feel like a girl.

Apple Watch comes in two sizes - The Gadgets Page

Now, the 38mm size could hardly be considered petite, but at least I have a CHOICE.

Apple Watch comes in two sizes - The Gadgets Page


Apple Watch Is Digital AND Analog - The Gadgets PageYES! It’s a digital watch! I can choose to just have the time shown to me as some numbers! Yet, if I’m feeling fancy, I can switch the face to an analog face. It’s the best of both worlds.

The reason I wanted digital is because of the ease of reading the time, but the Apple Watch has so much more. It can tell me who is calling on my phone. It can send quick texts with dictation via my phone. It can give me directions to the nearest restaurant. It can tell me that my appointment is in five minutes. All the things that I love about my phone, this watch has an easily accessible link to.

Metal Case and Band

The Apple Watch is metal - The Gadgets PageMetal case and band? Apple one-upped me on that one. I have the choice between stainless steel, space black stainless steel, brushed aluminum, space black aluminum, 18K yellow gold, and 18K rose gold.

And the band choices! I can choose between metal, leather, and brightly colored plastic bands! Anything I want, I can choose. I even hope that I’ll be able to buy multiple bands so that I can change them with my clothing. If I’m feeling sporty, I can revert to the plastic. If I am going out, I can wear the stainless steel.

Casio Metal Band from The Gadgets PageOnly after Apple offered me all these choices did I realize that I had set my sights so low. And despite such low expectations, the best the watch designers of the world could offer me was this Casio. Why was this the best that they could do? Even I could have designed something prettier, just by removing that static clutter on the screen of that watch. Why were we stuck with this for so long?

Time and Date on the display at the same time

Apple Watch Modular Face with the Weather - The Gadgets PageIf I choose the Modular watch face, I can CHOOSE what I put on my screen! Imagine that! You want the weather? Ok! You want the time? Ok! You want the date AND the day of the week with a pretty flower? Yep! Got that one too. What about color? Do you want to change the font so it can be yellow or blue or red? Yeah, they got that, too.


That is one of the things I could add to the front screen on the Modular watch face, but even if I go with a pretty analog watch face, I can go to the clock app and use the stopwatch.

Countdown Timer

This is another thing that is available in the clock app.


Light? Light? The Apple Watch is back lit, so that means it needs to be charged every night. I’m okay with that, considering all the functionality. The watch will turn on when I move my arm up to look at it. How about that for INSTANT light. I don’t even need to push a stupid button to see my time in the dark.

I would also like Dual Time, but I’m willing to give that up

Dual time? How about freakin’ WORLD time?! Is that good enough for ya?! Oh, and if you want, you can display that other time right on the front screen. BOOYA!

Such A Long Wait

I have been waiting for something like this watch for a LONG time. I’ve been saving my money and willing to drop a ton of it on whomever does it best. Here I am, finally able to to get EVERYTHING I wanted. I’ve heard some complaints about the price (starting at $350) online, but honestly, I’ve been holding on to about seven hundred dollars, just waiting for a watch that was good enough to spend that much money on. In fact, the prettiest, most functional watch I had before the Apple Watch was my Luar from Swatch and it cost $450 and I had to order it from Europe. And setting it is SO difficult that I LITERALLY wrote a Gadgets Page entry about it so I could remember it all.

Finally! A watch that was made for ME! I only had to wait NINE years for it to arrive!

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