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August 6, 2015

Epson EcoTank – FINALLY A Printer That Makes Sense!!

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Epson has finally created a printer that makes sense!

Epson Ecotank All In One Printer from The Gadgets Page

It’s a printer that you can just refill the ink by putting in ink, not buying an expensive and plastic loaded cartridge! At $399, the printer is more expensive than a similar printer that wants to charge you tons of money for cartridges. Honestly, I would rather pay $400 for a printer that prints for a year without needing refills. I’d rather pay $400 for a printer where I can visually SEE whether it’s low on ink or not.

Here is a commercial showing how it works:

All of my biggest complaints about printers was just erased with one idea! Thank you, Epson!!

Via: Epson’s new printers ease refill woes with ink tanks

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