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October 24, 2007

Soul Fusion Glow Shoes at

Filed under: Clothing — Laura Moncur @ 1:46 pm

These shoes would be perfect for running outside at night. There’s no way you would be the invisible pedestrian with these shoes. They are sold as fashion shoes to wear at raves and are currently out of stock, unfortunately.

Here they are in action:

The shoes are “powered” by glow sticks. You open the channel at the back of the shoe, insert the glow stick (after activating it) and close it back up. Glow sticks are easy to buy in bulk and you only need to “turn your shoes on” when you are running at night. Brilliant!

This would be good if you’re riding your bike as well:

When will the running shoe companies realize that THIS is the number one safety feature we need when running outside? Reflective surfaces are nice, but glowing on our own gives the drivers MUCH more time to notice us.

Via: Shiny Shiny: Wearing Soul Fusion shoes makes you an unlikely wallflower

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