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September 16, 2005

Solar Backpack and iPod Jacket for Skiers

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O\'Neill iPod Controls

O’Neill is really going all the way with their gear for skiers. They have a jacket that can control your iPod and your telephone. When you receive a call on your phone, the iPod transmission is interrupted and you can answer your call. The jacket (and the backpack) has a microphone built in to its left hand collar. You hear the call through your iPod earbuds and talk into your clothing. It’s so James Bond I want it, even though I don’t ski or snowboard at all.

The solar backpack can keep your iPod and phone charged via USB connections. It also has a microphone in one of its straps and a headphone jack on the other. You can control your iPod with the cool controls on the other strap. Very convenient. There is also a strap that can hold your snowboard on your back for transport. They have another backpack in the series that isn’t solar powered. There’s also room for a shovel. I guess snowboarders need to carry shovels for some reason.

On another note, their website is really well designed. It’s a Flash-based design, but it’s not irritatingly animated. I really enjoyed browsing through it to find out how the products work. The only thing it was missing was a big “Buy Me” button somewhere. The only question they left unanswered was, “How do I wash the jacket when it starts smelling like March snow?” Maybe they don’t have stinky March snow where they come from.

Unfortunately, when I went to the O’Neill online shop, I was unable to find the h2.series jacket or backpacks. I don’t know if it’s because their online shop wasn’t nearly as helpful as their website or if it’s not available yet. Because of this, I have no idea of the cost of these products. For all I know, only James Bond can afford them…

Via: Hautegear – O’Neill solar bag

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