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November 13, 2008

141-MPG Scooter from Piaggio

Filed under: Cars & Transportation — Laura Moncur @ 7:43 am

MP3 Hybrid Scooter from PiaggioWired Magazine has a great article about the MP3 Hybrid Scooter from Piaggio.

The electric motor powers the MP3 Hybrid at low speeds and provides the gasoline engine with additional oomph when you open ‘er up — boosting acceleration by as much as 85 percent, the company says. The scooter can run in full electric or in one of three hybrid modes designed to maximize performance, maximize fuel economy or recharge the batteries quickly. Piaggio says the MP3 hybrid goes 60 kilometers on a liter of gas, which works out to about 141 mpg.

With three wheels for stability, freeway speeds and 141 mpg, this sounds like a great commuter bike, but only if you live in areas without weather. In Salt Lake City, this scooter would only be useful for about four months out of the year.

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