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December 30, 2008

Ziotek USB Camera Wrist Strap

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USB Camera Lanyard, Wrist Strap at Amazon.comThis ingenious device is EXACTLY what every camera needs. It looks like an ordinary wrist strap for your camera, but when the time comes to download your photos onto your computer, the wrist strap opens up and becomes a USB cable.

USB Camera Lanyard, Wrist Strap at

Ziotek USB Camera Lanyard, Neck Strap at Amazon.comI can’t believe ALL cameras aren’t equipped with this feature. Ziotek makes the strap in two sizes: wrist strap and neck strap:

Each of them cost as much as a normal camera lanyard would cost, so they are inexpensive as well. Try them out!

Via: Camera Strap Doubles as a USB Cord »

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