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October 20, 2011

Home Monitoring Becomes Simple

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It used to be so difficult to set up cameras in your house. CCTV was difficult to install and difficult to monitor. Even more irritating, you had to make sure to change the VCR tapes regularly. Fast forward a few years and it suddenly is easy enough for anyone to set up a hidden camera.

When Dru Ackerman broke her hip several months ago, a neighbor offered to help her. Unfortunately, her “friend” was also helping herself to Dru’s pain medication. When the woman noticed that some of her pills were missing, she set up a hidden camera in her house to see what was happening. She caught her neighbor red-handed with enough video footage to get her arrested.

Stem IZON Remote Room Monitor at She used the Stem IZON Remote Room Monitor, but she could have used the webcam installed on the computer on her desk. There are software options that allow you to monitor your home with your webcam and they will even upload the video to a remote server so if your computer is stolen, you will be able to see who did it.

The next time you are feeling paranoid about leaving your house, whether it’s just for a grocery trip, like Dru, or on an extended vacation, look into home monitoring solutions. There are so many options available right now that you’re sure to find something to give you peace of mind.

Via: iZON webcam and iPhone catch a thief in the act | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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