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December 20, 2005

Nike Sport Headphones

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View headphone details at AmazonI was really excited about these Nike Sport Audio Headphones when I bought them. I have been running and riding my bike for a long time and my sweat can eat through that soft spongy stuff, leaving it in disgusting tatters. I love the behind the neck form factor and have trashed two sets of Sony headphones with my acidic sweat. I thought these Nike headphones would be great because they don’t come with any of that spongy stuff. I was looking forward to many workouts with those headphones.

Unfortunately, headphones are a product that can only be tested after you buy them. Most of the time, they come blister-packed, so you can’t try them out at the store. Other times, you might be able to try them at the store, but the true test is after an hour of sweaty running. The only way to really test headphones is to shell out the money for them. Don’t bother with these ones.

They felt alright when I first put them on, but after five minutes, they were pinching the tops of my ears. They are on a pivot, so I thought they would move out, but they bounce back, squeezing my ears in the process. By the end of my first workout, these headphones were relegated to the “Rejects” box. They sounded great, but they hurt me. I’m not subjecting myself to pain just for good sound.

Mike took them out of the “Rejects” box and tried them for his workouts:

Mike Moncur’s Additional Review: These headphones sound great with particularly good bass. After an hour or so of wear, they started to hurt my ears and they never really felt comfortable.

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