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October 27, 2006

IPod Boomboxes: They Don’t Freakin’ Get It

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JVC RAP10 Boombox Concept for IpodYou are looking at the new JVC concept for an iPod boombox called RAP10. You can read this article from Digital World to hear how “great” it is.

Let me tell you how much it SUCKS.

The people who are designing boomboxes, ghetto blasters and portable stereos have been working in huge cubicles for so long that they forgot what people need. They haven’t used a boombox since they were fifteen and their brains have forgotten what they needed when they were fifteen and have been filled with ideas like “White is the new black.”

I haven’t!

I still vividly remember what it was like to be fifteen or working in a crowded office and needing a portable stereo, so let me tell you why the JVC RAP10 sucks.

  • 115 Bucks?!: Do these people really think that the kind of people who want a portable stereo are willing to drop $115 on it. That’s in ADDITION to the minimum of 100 bucks for the iPod. The sucky thing about boomboxes is that they are portable, which means they easily get stolen. Over 100 bucks is way too high to risk on something that might be gone when you come back to work the next day.

  • It’s Too Big: I know sound quality is important. I know it’s hard to get good sound out of tiny speakers, but that boombox takes up too much real estate on my work desk. I need room for files and and my computer monitor. I bring my ghetto blaster to work because they don’t let me put music on my work computer, but I don’t want to dedicate an acre to the thing.

  • The iPod Sits On The Top: Instead of securing my iPod into the unit, it just sits on top. That’s fine if you’re taking the thing to work (aside from the desk space problem), but it leaves it vulnerable if I’m dancing too near the thing. What about if someone wants to steal my iPod? They could just lift it and run off. Too vulnerable.

  • I Can’t Walk And Listen: One of the visual icons of the ghetto blaster is the guy with it on his shoulders, blasting away his tunes. That guy can’t do that with his iPod precariously resting on top of this thing.

So, what do I recommend instead? I haven’t found anything perfect, but I have found something that is passable. Stay tuned on Monday to find out!

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