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January 10, 2015

CES 2015: Sony Thin Television

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“Hi, Mom, I just wanted you to know we’re in Vegas.”

“Why are you in Vegas?”

“We’re going to CES.”

“Oh! I saw that on the news! They have a that is thinner than an iPhone there! You should go see it!”

I’m not really into really thin televisions, actually. Ever since TVs got thin enough to mount on the wall, I’ve been happy. No need to go thinner, as far as I’m concerned.

But my mom wanted to see it, so I tracked it down and found it for her…

They’ve name it the Sony Bravia X900C and it IS really thin on the top (4.9 mm), but there is a wide bit at the bottom, so it’s not like you can have this television mounted to your wall and it will only stick out that 4.9 millimeters. It will still stick out two or three inches from your wall.

“I sent you a video of that TV, Mom, did you get it?”

“How did you send me that video?! That’s amazing!”

“I’ll teach you when I see you again.”

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