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Welcome to The Gadgets Page!

This site is devoted to gadgets ranging from PDAs and cellular phones to audio and video components, as well as computers, peripherals, and software. We write detailed reviews and informative articles such as buyer’s guides, and regularly post news and our thoughts about gadgets.

This site was established in October 2003 with a number of detailed articles, but we didn’t have much time to add more content. In September 2005 we converted the site to a weblog format so we can post shorter items daily, as well as detailed reviews and articles when we have the time.

While the authors are gadget fans and love to hear about the latest rumored products or gadgets just hitting the shelves in Japan, we generally focus on gadgets that are available for purchase in the US for this site. We don’t just review gadgets, we use them ourselves, and typically subject them to weeks of real-life testing before we write a review.

We also usually pay full retail prices for these gadgets. To help support our expensive gadget habits and the costs of running this site, we use unobtrusive advertising and affiliate links.

  • Note to Gadget Makers: While we love buying gadgets, we certainly won’t complain if you send us one to review. Please contact us for details.

About the Authors

  • Matthew Strebe is the CTO of Connetic, an outsourced IT services company headquartered in San Diego. He also writes content for, and is the author of a number of technical books on Windows, Computer security, and the business of IT consulting.

  • Michael Moncur is the author of many technology books, most recently focusing on Web technologies like DHTML and MySQL. He runs a number of sites including The Quotations Page, the Web’s oldest and most popular famous quotations site, which has been online since 1994. Visit his information page for more details.

  • Laura Moncur has been collecting quotations and writing features for The Quotations Page since 1997. She also writes daily at Starling Fitness and at her personal weblog.

  • Christy Strebe is a contributing writer focusing on gadgets for the home.